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Professional Piano Restores

We have multiple piano restoration workshops across London. We can take away your old vintage piano and turn your antique into a fully restored masterpiece with a high gloss or polish finish. If you have a piano that is in deplorable condition, then our team can restore it. We replace rotten and broken wood and all of the internal components of the piano. We can make the piano sound better, and look fantastic. Our refurbishment projects can increase the value of your piano significantly, and we can restore it as close as possible to its original state. We can even modify it and make it better and include things such as silent mods. If you have an old piano that is beaten up, or not working, then our team can restore your piano for you. We are based in London and can collect any piano in the Greater London area, and take it to the nearest Premier repair workshop. If you would like a free quotation, then please get in touch with our team by telephone, or by using your contact form.
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London Based Services

We serve all customers in the following boroughs and towns within London.