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Professional Piano Tuners

The piano technicians at Premier Piano Restoration have tuned hundreds of pianos across Central London. We provide professional-grade tuning services for all uprights, baby grands and grand pianos. All our employees are DBS checked and insured to carry out all tuning work on even the most luxury and expensive pianos. If you’re a beginner, educator, or professional, our services are cost-effective and competitive. We can generally tune a piano in just a few hours, or over one working day if many keys are out of pitch. We tune to A440 Hz as standard so you can enjoy the very best sound possible from your piano.

Preventing Pianos Lose Their Tune

We often get asked how customers avoid their piano going out of tune, and we always respond with the same answer. Pianos naturally lose their tune over time, due to internal components expanding, and moving. While you can’t stop your piano ever going out of tune you can slow it down by keeping a room temperature steady, and a dry humidify.

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London Based Services

We serve all customers in the following boroughs and towns within London.